From the Streets of Brooklyn to Trainer to the Stars

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From the Streets of Brooklyn to Trainer to the Stars

As a noted Thoroughbred trainer based in New York, John Parisella saddled at least one winner every year for 48 years, racing at 38 tracks coast to coast. But that’s not what makes From the Streets of Brooklyn to Trainer to the Stars such a compelling read.

It’s Parisella’s celebrity connections and life away from racing.

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Beyond The Camps Countless books and magazine articles have been written about the gross injustice of Japanese-American Internment during World War II, and how hard and degrading life was in the camps. But relatively little has been published about what happened after the nightmare ended. In fact, there’s a positive story to be told—in the context of that regrettable period in American history—and Beyond The Camps captures it through interviews with former internees and their children.
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The Idea Within The distinctive public art of David Griggs is on display from coast to coast, across Colorado and throughout Denver, his home--in airports, universities, public buildings and a variety of community sites.
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Heard But Not Seen MORE THAN 16 million viewers saw the 1970 All- Star Game on national television, and more than 50,000 baseball fans watched in person at Riverfront Stadium. But a group of sports writers could only listen to a description of the most debated play in All- Star Game history...
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Sterling Heroes of WWII "...amazing stories of courage, honor and sheer luck are recorded in this extraordinarily valuable collection. A fitting and timeless memorial to their sacrifices, it is an assurance that their bravery will be remembered for many more generations..."
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Eddie Robinson Eddie Robinson "...he was the Martin Luther King of football" – Denny Dressman's biography of the historic black football coach who led tiny Grambling to 408 victories in 57 years and opened the National Football League to black athletes – is the recipient of two awards.
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Yes I Can, Yes You Can Jay Leeuwenburg started more than 120 games and lined up against eventual Hall of Famers Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor and many other fearsome opponents during a nine-year career in the National Football League.

But first he met Type 1 diabetes head-on.
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The Diabetes Antidote There is no shortage of books about diabetes or books about fitness, and no scarcity of books that chronicle the accomplishments and life stories of athletes who have overcome obstacles to achieve stardom.

But a book that combines all three is rare - if not nonexistent, until now.
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Next On The Tee: Lewis & Clark

Other Articles By Denny Dressman

Winner of the Colorado Authors' League award for Best Feature, published in Colorado Avid Golfer magazine.

"NEXT On the Tee: Lewis & Clark" was published in the May 2014 issue of Colorado Avid Golfer magazine. It won the Colorado Authors' League award for Best Feature in the 2015 "Best of CAL" competition. Judges commented: "Wonderful blend of reporting and American history. Clever idea that is executed well."

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Denny Dressman

Author Denny Dressman

DENNY DRESSMAN was inducted into the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame in 2008. He is the author of nine books, the most recent one Beyond The Camps, published in April 2018. Among the others:

  • Gerry Faust: Notre Dame’s Man In Motion (A.S. Barnes, 1980)
  • Yes I Can! Yes You Can! Tackle Diabetes and Win! (with Jay Leeuwenburg, ComServ Books, 2005)
  • The Diabetes Antidote – An Exercise Prescription To Prevent Type 2, To Combat Type 1 (with Doug Burns, ComServ Books, 2007)
  • Eddie Robinson "...he was the Martin Luther King of football" (ComServ Books, 2010)
  • Sterling Heroes of World War II (with Dr. John Elliff, Vis-Op Publishing, 2012)
  • HEARD but not SEEN (ComServ Books, 2015)
  • THE IDEA WITHIN (ComServ Books, 2016)
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